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Our Start up story

Every organisation has a story to tell. If brick & mortar and infrastructure builds an organisation; its the people, their dreams, ambitions, determination, hard work and courage that puts soul into it.

What started as a casual conversation over a cup of tea in Africa soon resulted in some new business opportunity . Little did we know then that we were indeed sowing the seeds of a bigger success story that was yet to unfold. The Job workforce market in India and Africa.

The birth and growth of Nikki Recruitment & Staffing

The seeds business wound up in three years with a financial loss, but that did not dent our spirits. The experience left its lessons behind to never start a business that is not aligned with our strengths. It taught us to be better prepared next time around. We have learnt a good lesson. The Core Team put new efforts and then brought in new Associate Directors in the company with lots of new experience and enthusiasm. Then the ball started rolling in the right direction.

Touching Lives & / Touching People

All along, we have built relationships, we have gained people's trust and we have touched human lives. We are catering to the needs of the Global Indian and we would like to be a significant contributor to the building of a talent pipeline for today's and tomorrow's needs.

What we can do for you

We are your talent managers. We will help you find the right job to align with your skills, career plans and future ambitions.

Your expectation from us:

Fairness in approach / Transparent paper work
We provide what is 'Right'. The 'right' job for the 'right' person in the 'right' organisation
We are highly approachable and are here to listen to you
Career Counseling that gives you the right career perspective
To help you find the 'Right' job and enhance your career prospects,

Our Values

Being in Job consultancy business has not been easy. We have had our shares of ups and downs, struggles and achievements. Through it all, we have realised one fact that only personal integrity helps tide over adversity. We have kept our business philosophy very simple be fair and ethical in our association with our employees, our candidates and our clients.


Our Vision and Values

Respect for People

Our Value Offering to Candidates

Hierarchies are for bureaucracies and governments

Direction is not something we get. It is something we evolve with our bosses. That is why we bypass our boss if he/she is not able to add value. Hierarchies are stumbling blocks to innovation and our culture does not allow that.

Personalised Candidate Management

We have been placing candidates in permanent, contract and temporary positions .

Our team of expert consultants treat everyone in the same way, with courtesy, respect and enthusiasm.

As skilled industry professionals we are well equipped to advise you on the career opportunities available to you.



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